2011-DE-110 Daycare Thünenstrasse

The day care center Thünenstrasse is located in the north of Leipzig. There are 18 children from ages 1 to 3 who are looked after in cribs and then 36 children in the kindergarten. At Thünenstrasse there are 7 teachers and two technical workers. The facility is open from 6:00-17.00 o´clock. The volunteer should first get to know the association and its employees and so he / she will visit the centre before beinning work to become familiar with their work. The volunteer will be integrated into the Thünenstrasse team and into everyday life of the daycare centre.

This means that the volunteer will make plans with the other teachers and will then carry out these projects with the children. This will be in addition to the usual routine of eating together, bedtimes and other standard educational practices. Holidays are celebrated according to the annual calendar (Easter, Halloween, Lampionumzug (St. Martin’s Day), Christmas, birthdays) and at these occations, there is a good opportunity for the volunteer to get acquainted with typical customs and traditions of the celebrations.

The focus of the day-care center Thünenstrasse is on the intense physical activity of children. The children can use an external sports equipment once a week and there is lots of sporting equipment that they can use inside, such as a punch bag and a climbing wall. Again, the volunteer has the opportunity to bring and share his / her ideas and skills.

The volunteer has the following service and learning opportunities:
– Getting to know structure and working methods of the association
– Getting to know the work of the support network
– Getting to know the routine of a day care center
– Working as a team
– Getting to know cultural offerings in Leipzig
– Producing pieces for various media channels

The following points are of importance for the selection of the volunteers:

– Interest in work with children
– Creativity
– Teamwork and interpersonal skills
– Interest in learning German and in learning about Leipzig and its surroundings

We are open to all young people who search for an EVS-placement. We have no special preferences regarding the sending organization. When we recieve and application, it will be examined and tested. Candidates will be assigned to the various positions according to their characteristics and qualifications. During a telephone interview, or (if possible) a personal interview, both sides will get to know each other, answer questions and come to a decision.