PR of NPO and International Youth Exchange

This project is carried out in the FAIRbund EU-projects office. It is situated in the main office together with management, the child care centers coordination office and also the public relations office. A total of 6 employees work in the office.
The groups of people targeted by the EU-projects office are potential participants in the sending projects, young local unemployed people and professionals involved in youth exchanges. In addition, the project includes guiding and helping the interns from various European countries who have come to Leipzig in order to undertake their own Erasmus+ based projects.
The target group of the public relations office consisits of (potential) donors and sponsors, local communities in and around Leipzig, employees and members of the association and any others interested in the work of the association. FAIRbund e. V. is a member of the Joint Welfare Association.
FAIRbund e. V. provides a space for European volunteers to learn about the areas of public relations and European projects. We hope that the volunteers will motivate young people to live in another country, to work and to learn a new language. FAIRbund e.V. has been a host organization since Autumn 2005 and regularly welcomes young people from different countries who are completing an internship in Leipzig. Tasks will include welcoming these new interns and also organising casual meetings and cultural events. In addition, he /she can help prepare German interns who are interested in studying abroad through a variety of events. The European volunteers will have the opportunity to bring his / her own experiences on this topic and to assist the coordinator in preparing events, by gathering information about the various partner cities and countries from which the trainees are sent.
The volunteer can write editorials for the association’s own newspaper, create flyers and notices, and help shape the development of the website. In addition, he / she can contribute his / her knowledge in the field of new media in public relations for a non-profit organization.
The following points are key attributes that the volunteers should have:

  • Enthusiasm for the idea of Europe
  • Interest in learning German and in learning about Leipzig and its surroundings
  • Interest in new media
  • Creativity in the development of motivation projects

We are open to all young people who search for an EVS-placement. We have no special preferences regarding the sending organization.