About Us


Karolina Zamiara, Dörte Dietrich, Andrea Proniewicz

Since 1993, FAIRbund has dealt with children, youth and families which live in poverty, have family problems or particular hardships. The aims of our organization are to offer protection and consultataion, help to get through a crisis, as well as competent support to families who need it. The heart of FAIRbund´s work is developed in the field of education (day care, group home, out-patient help), help for foster families, children activities as well as voluntary projects with grants and European exchanges abroad.

Since November 2004, FAIRbund has also been working in the field of the European projects. Our aim is to give  people from all over Europe the opportunity to spend a period abroad with EVS (European Volunteer Service), Leonardo da Vinci or Grundtvig programmes. With this experience, people can improve their career prospects as well as their linguistic knowledge and it gives people the chance to explore new cultures.