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European volunteers – in Leipzig 2016/2017

Also this Autumn a lot of new volunteers came to Leipzig. We are glad to host Valeria from Italy, Gustav from Estonia, Mads from Denmark, Brenda and Leonardo from Spain, Helene, Lucile, Astrid and Segolene from France, Weronika and Karolina from Poland, Krystina and Zhanna from Ukraine and Krisztina from Hungary. The motivation to work […]

How to feed a fox? – My volunteering in Belgium

Today is the 6th october, one day before I am officially three months in Belgium, and I am now in a room with the veterinary to feed a fox. This is for several reasons extraordinary… First because foxes are not usual guest here. Of course we are refuge for birds and small rodents (even if […]

EVS for FAIRbund

Hello people, I’m Zsofia Pinter. I come from Szentes, South-East Hungary. It is a small town with 30,000 inhabitants. I am 26 years old. I studied European ethnoligie and anthropology at the University of Szeged. My first language (first foregn language) is English, I was a private tutor for children in Hungary. My second language […]

Ina and Syuzanna, our 2013 volunteers

Another two beautiful Europeans came to Leipzig to explore German culture and contribute with their voluntary work and culture to the children. Blerina looks after the children at the daycare center in Thünenstraße and Syuzanna in Mottelerstraße Hello! My name is Blerina, I am 23 years old and i am from Tirana, Albania. In Albania, […]

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) – Just Wonderful!

In 2011, I was fortunate to participate in a Leonardo da Vinci project in Leipzig. I had never studied German and my ideas about the German people were wrong. In any case, I packed everything and I departed from Italy for the best experience of my life. I have had so much fun that I […]

From Prague to Leipzig via the U.S.

The 18-year-old Barbora does her Voluntary Service in the Family Garden Schenkendorfstraße It’s a summer afternoon in a leafy backyard Südvorstadt. Against the baking sun protects a large awning in the background sounds classical music. In the shadow is a long coffee table with colorful cups on the little chair sit a dozen small boys […]

Jip, Moa und Sonia – Our 2011 Volunteers

It’s that time again: 3 new volunteers in Leipzig! Jip, Moa and Sonia have arrived just in time to enjoy the winter with lots of snow and ice everywhere – and they will stay long enough to enjoy the beautiful and pleasant spring and hopefully warm summer. Our 3 new volunteers either arrived in January […]

Anda, Gabi und Kuba – 2009/2010 Volunteers

Anda Beinora Hello, my name is Anda and I am from Latvia, Liepaja. This project was offered to me by my sending in Latvia and I’ve seen it as a wonderful opportunity for new experiences and challenges. So far I have worked a few years as a baby sitter, but I do not have the […]

Andrea, Julie and Santa – 2008/2009 Volunteers

Andrea My name is Andrea. I am 23 years old and I’m from Romania. Some months ago, I’ve decided to explore the world (rather learn about the world). For this reason I am now a volunteer service. I found the club FAIRbund the Internet. As part of my project I have the opportunity to work […]

Helen from England 2007/2008

Helen Brodrick from England enriched our project with her excellent knowledge of English and her wit. Helen has really helped us prepare for the Leonardo da Vinci project “New ways to Europe” in the south of England. The participants in this project will live  in the South of England for 12 weeks, work there and […]