Kindergarten Goystraße


The Goyastraße children’s daycare center is located in the north-western central part of Leipzig and was reopened in March 2014. Surrounded by parks and different green places, there are numerous possibilities to explore the nature with children.
The pedagogical staff sees themselves as observers, impulses and supporters of the children. The aim of our work is to promote and strengthen social competences, gaining knowledge and own learning experience.

The volunteer has the opportunity to learn more about the nationwide educational concept. The European volunteers have the task to contribute to the children’s every day life with their own culture and to create a small intercultural projects presenting their own language, cooking culture, games, etc. together with the children.


The following points are of importance for the selection of the volunteers:
– Interest in work with children
– Creativity
– Teamwork and interpersonal skills
– Interest in learning German and in learning about Leipzig and its surroundings
We are open to all young people who search for an EVS-placement. We have no special preferences regarding the sending organization. When we recieve and application, it will be examined and tested. Candidates will be assigned to the various positions according to their characteristics and qualifications. During a telephone interview, or (if possible) a personal interview, both sides will get to know each other, answer questions and come to a decision.