KITA Waldkindergarten (Forest kindergarten)


Our Waldkindergarten in Leipzig offers loving and competent education, development and care for 60 children aged from 2 until the school age.
The pedagogy in our forest kindergarten is characterized by openness, participation and individualization. Our educators pay attention to the needs and interests of the children by taking them into everyday pedagogy. A stimulating environment with a wide range of different materials supports the education and development of the children.
Natural and environmental protection as well as the development of an ecological life is the outstanding concern of the “Waldpädagogik” in the Waldkindergarten. With us the children experience nature with all their senses.
Observing plants and animals in their original habitats and the seasonal rhythms and natural phenomena, the sensitization for ecological connections and networking, as well as the appreciation of the biocenosis and life are the learning and experience objectives of the Waldkindergärten. Nature and the forest as a world of experiences offer children the space to move freely, to play and to gain experience.

The volunteer will be integrated into the Waldkindergarten team and into everyday life of the kindergarten
This means that the volunteer will make plans with the other teachers and will then carry out these projects with the children. This will be in addition to the usual routine of eating together, bedtimes and other standard educational practices.

The volunteer has the following service and learning opportunities:
– Getting to know structure and working methods of the association
– Getting to know the work of the support network
– Getting to know the routine of a day care center
– Working as a team
– Getting to know cultural offerings in Leipzig
– Producing pieces for various media channels
The following points are of importance for the selection of the volunteers:
– Interest in work with children
– Creativity
– Teamwork and interpersonal skills
– Interest in learning German and in learning about Leipzig and its surroundings
We are open to all young people who search for an EVS-placement. We have no special preferences regarding the sending organization. When we recieve and application, it will be examined and tested. Candidates will be assigned to the various positions according to their characteristics and qualifications. During a telephone interview, or (if possible) a personal interview, both sides will get to know each other, answer questions and come to a decision.