How to talk to parents

The project aims to improve and further develop a toolbox for teachers in training so that they might communicate more successfully with parents. This toolbox was developed in Finland and is now being tested in the partner countries, evaluated by those learning about it and further developed by all partners.

In a launch meeting, all institutions involved in the project will meet. Materials from all of the countries involved will be gathered and used as a basis for further collaboration.

In a second phase of the project, these materials will be translated into the local languages and tested seperately by 4 teachers. In a joint evaluation meeting, the participants evaluate the contents of the communication training. The suggestions and modifications are taken and tested for the next round by all partners. These training rounds will be held 2 more times, resulting in 3 practice rounds in total. At the end, a curriculum will have been created that can be used by all of the partners in the communication course.

The aim is to develop the social skills of the educators in order to establish educational partnerships with parents. This is in response to the changing requirements of the teaching profession  today. In addition to child care and the implementation of educational goals, parental counseling also constitutes one aspect of a techers responsibilities. This includes  communication with parents with regards to difficult situations.

All of the information and experiences gathered during the project will be shared on an online blog. The personal meeting of participants from all three countries (Finland, Italy and Germany) during the mobility will add to the success of the project significantly.

First meeting in the Kindergarden Erich-Zeigner-Allee, 1-2 November, Leipzig


(from the left to the right: Julie Hanisch, Alexander, Angela Todaro, Corina Laasch, Greta Zaffanella, Kathrin Standar, Kerstin Granroth, Roger Friedling, Sabiene Geißler , Jens Altmann, Stina Mehtonen)