1. Will I get some money for volunteering?
All the European volunteers conducting their service in Germany receive pocket money which is amount fixed by the German National Agency. Currently it stands at 110 Euros for the new projects under Erasmus+.
With regards to buying food, the options vary from project to project and from host organization to host organization. In all the projects hosted or coordinated by FAIRbund e. V., the volunteers receive 229 Euros as food money (the amount is also fixed by the National agency) and they are free to spend it as they wish.

2. Where will I live?
The host organization is obliged to provide suitable accommodation for the volunteers. FAIRbund volunteers normally live in shared apartments (see the photos below). Every volunteer has his / her own furnished room with a constant Wi-FI connection to the Internet. The kitchen and bathroom are shared with three or four other volunteers.

2012-11-15 14.22.24

3. I don’t speak German / I speak only a little German, can I become a volunteer anyway?
Yes, you can! Every volunteer has a option to attend a language course suited to his level of German.
If you do not speak German very well, however, it is really desirable that you speak English at least at a pre-intermediate level, because, evidently, we need a way to communicate.

4. How do I get around the city?
Leipzig is a fairly big city with a very good public transportation system and all our volunteers get a monthly ticket which allows them to use any public transportation means within the city of Leipzig. Besides, like many other German cities, Leipzig is a pretty bicycle-friendly city, so cyclists will definitely enjoy this way of getting around.

5. If I fall ill or have some accident while I’m in Germany, what then?
All the European volunteers get insured with CIGNA on a special insurance plan created specially for the EVS volunteers. FAIRbund will help you to find a doctor, if you need one, and you will receive all the support you might need from us!