How to become a volunteer?

Step 1
• Find a sending organization.
• Each country has its own National Agency, which manages the projects. Each organization recognized by the National Agency has an EI number in the database (Database) <> ALSO ON GERMAN SITE and it is here that you can look for a sending organization close to you.
•When you find an organisation in the database, contact them, to make sure they can be your sending organisation.
•Whenever you make an application to a project, you should mention the EI number of your sending organisation.

Step 2
• Find an interesting project.
• You have to decide which countries are interesting for you. It is easier to find a good project if you choose more than one country. All projects can be found in the aforementioned database on the page: Database <>
• There is both information about the organizations abroad as well as the descriptions of projects.
• For details of the projects coordinated or hosted by us, FAIRbund e. V., you can have a look at our website under the section ‘EVS Projects in Leipzig’.

Step 3
• Have you found an interesting project?
• Then you must now convince the selected organization that you are the perfect person for that specific placement. Ask about availability and then send your resume and a cover letter. If you are not chosen, do not give up. Try again! Patience and perseverance are the qualities of a good volunteer.
• If you are interested in making an application to one of our projects, you must send us your CV,  a letter of motivation and an application form (download here) NEEDS LINK to this e-mail address: euprojekte [at]

Step 4
• If the host organization has selected you for the project, get in touch with your sending organisation.
• Your sending organization together with the host organization will prepare all forms and make the application to the National Agency for funding of the project.

Deadlines for application:
• 1st February – for when the project starts between 1st May and 30th September
• 1st May – for when the project starts between 1st September and 31st January
• 1st October – for when the project starts between 1st February and 30th June

Step 5
• Wait patiently for the decision by the National Agency.
• The decision is usually made eight weeks after the application has been made.
• If the National Agency approves your request, then you can start making arrangements for your trip. If your application is not approved, you can apply again.

Step 6
• Complete all of the formalities.
• You will still have to sign a few documents, participate in the pre-departure training and after these 5 to 6 months of effort, you then finally launch into the adventure of a lifetime!