GRUNDTVIG is the European program for general adult education. It provides support for adults of all ages and from all social backgrounds. The aims of Grundvig are to:

  • Expand the participant’s knowledge,
  • Develop their existing skills
  • Encourage personal development.


With a total of nine types of actions, GRUNDTVIG addresses the educational challenges which arise with an aging population. The European dimension of the program is to help to improve the quality of education.

The program is open to organizations and adult education institutions, as well as individuals from European countries. Special target groups of the course are older people and those who have left education without basic qualifications.

GRUNDTVIG wants adult education to be provided with a new, European quality.The program is always mindful of helping people from different educatoinal backgrounds to learn and to get the most out of the programme.

GRUNDTVIG financially supports the mobility of individuals, the elderly and the volunteers, in order to attend projects, workshops, learning partnerships, multilateral projects and networks. These activities should contribute to the cooperation between educational institutions within Europe who are involved in adult education. In particular, the elderly, people who have left education without basic qualifications, and those whose originally came from other countries will receive appropriate opportunities for learning.

Target groups
Institutions which have their main focus on adult education have access to the programme. These may be public institutions such as public authorities, administrations and government agencies or independent bodies such as associations, institutions and initiatives, or Second Chance schools. The employees of these institutions can take an active part, for instance teachers, administrators, scientists or social workers. Those who are enrolled at these institutions can also take an active role, for instance Course participants, disadvantaged youth, seniors, immigrants, people with disabilities, people in voluntary work, ….