Grundtvig Workshops

Workshops are a special part of the Lifelong Learning Programme, open to all over the age of 18. Boradly speaking, these workshops open up the possibility of having a funded learning session in an informal context.

In Workshops Action, adults over 18 years old come together from different European countries in order to learn together. The workshops are angled towards the groups own needs and their personal deveolpment. The participants are encouraged to share their expertise and insights with others. The workshops are designed for personal development and not for professional development.


– Learning together with others in a multinational context
– Active exchange of skills and knowledge (not job-related)
– Personal development

The topic chosen for the workshop must be relevant to the GRUNDTVIG Programme and it should demostrate an adequate methodological and educational approach to the subject.

Workshops can be organized on any topic relevant to adult education, for example, environmental protection, sustainability, natural sciences, health education, literacy and basic education, active aging, intergenerational learning, family education, inclusion, gender, art, music, creativity, communication, personal development and related issues, etc. The understanding of the topic should not depend too much on foreign language competence for those people who have only a basic knowledge of the language of the country in which the workshop takes place. This is especially the case if it is less widely taught and used language. Discussion and exchange groups are used to promote issues of common interest to the study of wider European issues. Active citizenship and intercultural dialogue is aimed for.