Learning Partnerships

GRUNDTVIG Learning Partnerships provide a platform for different institutions of adult education to cooperate, in the broadest sense. The learning partnerships should focus on exploring a topic of mutual interest in a process orientated manner. The exchange of experiences, examples of best practice and methods is key and should inspire further experimentation in the participants own work.

The participating organizations are encouraged to document their transnational work, to evaluate it and to link it to the initiatives of their local area. They should therefore work together, as well as with national organizations and authorities, in order to have a solid basis on which to build their ideas and activities and also to develop appropriate distribution channels.
In the project activities, the target groups (adult learners) should be as actively involved as possible from the very beginning.

The results of the collaboration should be ready for dissemination after the project and include jointly created brochures, course materials, exhibitions and project sites.

Source: http://www.na-bibb.de/lernpartnerschaften_343.html

FAIRbund Association actively participates in two learning partnerships that deal mainly with the subject of counseling and mentoring. We welcome new volunteers who would like to participate in the projects.