FAIRbund e.V. together with the EU-exchange office can offer to other European partners the chance to work with us as either an intermediary or as a hosting organisation for your planed projects.

Since our establishment we have been coordinating various projects for different partners.

Example of past projects

PLM – (Persons on the labor market):

  •  a 3 month placement for educators from Poland to work in kindergartens in Leipzig
  • a 3 months placement for engineers from Spain to work in different companies in Leipzig and Dresden
  • 10 week projects for students from the UK to work in different sectors for instance tourism, office work, business administration or education
  • 12 week projects for unemployed people from Italy to work in different sectors, for instance in tourism, office work, cultural centres and education


IVT – (Initial vocational training):

  • a 7 week project for hairdressers from Turkey
  • a 5 week project for students from vocational schools from Italy to work in different sectors (museum, farming, tourism, education, office work)


VETPRO – (professionals in education and training):

  • a 1 week project on the subject youth and crime in Germany for Spanish social educators
  • 2 week project on the subject of psychology and psychatry for Portuguese psychologists
  • 2 week project on the subject of elderly care system of Germany for Italian experts
  • an upcoming family assistence project for experts in the field from Poland