We send people on Mobility projects within three differents types of programmes, depending on their individual needs and status:

IVT – here we send a varity of pupils learning about different professions for 3 week projects
PLM – here we send unemployed people, workers or self-employed people for 8 week projects
VETPRO – here we send educators, teachers and social workers on specialiesed 2 week study projects


At the moment the following projects are still running:

Individual experience II – This is a 3 week professional mobility project in which trainees are sent to the south of England.

EUproIntern IV – Here unemployed people (PLM) over the age of 20 who have finished with their educative training or higher education can spend 12 weeks in either Poland, the South of England, Italy, the Czech Republic or France. The first mobility will run from May until August 2014 in Krakow, Devon and Cornwall, Sicily and Prague. Applications for this mobility have closed. The next mobility will be in Autumn 2014, again to  Krakow, Devon and Cornwall, Sicily, Prague and also in France. A third mobility will run in Spring 2015 to Krakow and Devon and Cornwall.

EUproIntern Prag is a second project in the “Person on the labour market” PLM category. We are sending people to begin also at the beginning of March 2013 for a 8 week educational programme.

PUK II – VETPRO is our current project for educators and social pedagogues.